Dutch Elm Disease
Dutch Elm Disease(DED) was first found in North America in the 1930's and in Canada in 1944. DED made it's way to the Maritimes in 1966 and was discovered on P.E.I. in 1979. It had spread to all 3 counties by 1991.

DED is caused by a fungus that clogs the sap layer of the Elm tree. All species of Elms can be infected. Signs of DED occur in late June to early August. A healthy tree is your best defense against DED. Call Laird Tree Care for your personal Plant Health Care Program or at the first sightings of any wilted leaves, even if it's on just one branch.

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Professional and quality pruning of trees, shrubs, and hedges:
Just one improper pruning can cause a life time of grief for a tree, shrub or hedge. LTC's ISA certified arborist has extensive training that will assure pruning to industry standards. All climbing of live trees is done with ropes and saddle. The use of spurs for pruning can leave wounds that cause decay and entry points for pests and disease.
Tree pruning:
Crown cleaning(dead wooding)
The removal of dead, dying, crossing and interfering branches. By crown cleaning your trees you remove branches that may fall from the tree, damage property or hurt people under the tree. For the health of the tree, crown cleaning removes potential disease and insect entry sites and entry points for rot and decay.

Canopy thinning:
By strategically removing branches from the crown of a tree you can reduce the chance of tree failure due to heavy wind and excessive weight with out unsightly and harmful topping.

Canopy raising:
Removal of a trees' lower limbs can open views, allow light to lawns and decks as well as improve a trees' aesthetic value.
Clearance pruning:
By pruning branches away from buildings, wires, drive and walkways you reduce the wear on roofs, siding and wire coating as well as create safe and comfortable walkways.
Shrub pruning:
Flowering shrubs
Proper and timely pruning of flowering shrubs will improve their health, beauty, and longevity.

Non-flowering shrubs
Most shrubs that are non-flowering are usually planted for their foliage branching structure, bark or a combination. With proper pruning these characteristics can be brought to their full potential.
Hedge trimming:
The knowledge of the type and characteristics of the hedging material is very important before trimming. Without this knowledge, irreparable damage could be done, leaving you with an unsightly hedge that may need to be removed and replaced.

Responsible Pest Management and Plant Health Care:
LTC employs provincially licenced pesticide applicators that use the most current environmentally responsible pest management practices. Along with a plant health care program, your landscape can recover from most pest and disease problems if treated early during the infestation.
Deep Root Fertilizing:
LTC hydraulicly injects a slow release organic fertilizer into the root zone of trees and shrubs. It provides nutrients and aerates the root zone thus promoting a proper air/water ratio in the soil and is important for a healthy plant.
Safe and tidy tree removal:
LTC employs professional and experienced climbers that can remove a tree of any size at any location in your yard. LTC is constantly training and educating their crew in the latest techniques of tree removal and rigging. Even if the tree to be removed is hanging over the top of your house, LTC has the ability to safely and efficiently take care of this job.
Tree surgery:
Just because a tree has a structural defect doesn't mean it has to be removed. LTC's ISA certified arborist can assess your trees structure and make recommendations on the findings. In certain situations, reinforcement with cable and rigid braces can be done to bring the tree within reasonable hazard standings.
LTC uses the latest techniques and supplies to preform their tree surgery. Give LTC a call to see if your tree can be saved.

Tree planting and Transplanting:
LTC plants all trees to industry standards and the work is always preformed by qualified staff. Along with impeccable workmanship, each new tree planting is guaranteed for one year with a follow up visit at the end of the first year. LTC's ISA certified arborist has extensive experience in tree transplanting. If they feel a tree is worthy of a transplant they will guarantee it with their money back policy.
Tree and Landscape consulting:
LTC's ISA certified arborist is available for all types of tree and landscape consulting.
Stump Removal:
As part of LTC's complete tree service stump removal is offered. Our machine will eat up any stump and we will replace it with lawn or garden. Stumps in backyards are no problem, as our stump grinder fits through a 36" gate. LTC recommends stump removal because as the stump rots it is a site for insects, root rots, and trip hazards.
For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far
more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.
~Martin Luther
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